Danelectro Fuzz Effect Pedal 3699 True Bypass No Transistors.

Danelectro Fuzz Effect Pedal 3699 True Bypass No Transistors

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Contains the original Foxx Tone Machine circuit by it's original creator, the current owner of Danelectro Steve Ridinger! Now in higher quality components with retro-cool factor!

Steve has brought back the Foxx Tone Machine circuit with some important tweaks. The ­octave is way more ­pronounced and is foot switchable, the tone is warmer, and there is a “mids boost” toggle that counteracts the mid cut of the ­original pedal. Velvet tone for sure!

WHY CALL IT THE "3699 FUZZ™"? Back in the 1970’s, it was cool to have a phone number that spelled your product name. So about a year after launching the FOXX® pedals, Steve sat down in front of a phone dial and worked out what numbers were needed to spell F-O-X-X. He figured out the ­numbers were 3-6-9-9. To his amazement, this was the phone number FOXX® already had! A year earlier, the phone ­company had randomly assigned him this number: 213-XXX-3699. Creepy!

FOXX® and TONE MACHINE® are trademarks of Mark Simonsen, who is not affiliated with Danelectro®.