Timara Instant Drop D String Drop No Modification Drop D-Tuning

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Right Handed Version

  • The perfect DROP D TUNER, but also works on other Strings to use for a String Drop or String Raise. Example: Tim’s setup is used to Drop the big E to D and another String Drop on the A String to raise the A to B.
  • It requires NO MODIFICATIONS to your guitar.
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to install.
  • Works on 6 Inline Tuners such as well as 3X3 Tuners.
  • For Nut/Washer tuning keys only. Will not work on bushing style tuning keys.

To install, simply loosen the Nut on the desired tuning key. Put the String Drop in between the Nut and the Washer and the retighten the Nut. FAST and EASY!