Seiko Chromatic Clip-On Tuner STX7 Rechargeable USB.

Seiko Chromatic Clip-On Tuner STX7 Rechargeable USB

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BRAND NEW  SN-5X - Upgraded!

Snark has revised their popular guitar and violin tuner with a faster tuning chip and a high resolution screen that you can read from any angle!


Snark has brought out an easy to use, clip on tuner! Accurate and Fast, this tuner combines retro "Buck Rogers" looks with the wonders of modern technology.


- New chip for faster tuning!



-Extended frequency range to tune all instruments - especially guitar, bass, and violins!

-High resolution full color display, read from any angle!


-Works anywhere on the head stock (no dead spots!)



-"Stay Put" Clip



-High Sensitivity Vibration Sensor



-360 Degree rotational display