John Pearse Guitar Picks Sarod 3-Pack - Ebony - Black - 2.5mm.

John Pearse Guitar Picks Sarod 3-Pack - Ebony - Black - 2.5mm

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The Sarod is an instrument of traditional musicians in Northern India, a multi-stringed relatives of the sitar and the rebab.  These picks were found to be good for multiple instruments!

Made from Ebony wood. Dimpled for your thumb and a diagnol dimple (rear for finger) for a superior grip.  European and American musicians traveling in India in the sizties brought these unique picks back with them and soon guitarists were discovering that they made superb picks for jazz! The tone that they produced was full and rich and immeasurably stronger than that produced by a celluloid, nylon--or even a tortoise-shell pick.   Bevelled tip.

Width:     ~26mm (widest part)
Length:    ~32mm
Thickness:  ~2.5mm