Cleartone Guitar Strings EQ Acoustic Hybrid Metal Blend Medium 13-56

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Medium:  .013 .017 .026 .036 .046 .056

Cleartone EQs are the first Acoustic Guitar Strings tht blend a variety of metals into a single set to give the best frequency response and mimic the "perfect" EQ seting.  Each wound string uses a different alloy to enhance that string's natural frequencies.  The low E uses 99% copper-bronze to increase bass response.  Phosphor-Bronze is used on the A & D strings to accentuate the mid range while the G string uses 80/20 bronze for its bright characteristics.  The result is a balanced tone for the best characteristics of these alloys into a single set.

  • Patented Cleartone string treatment - micro thin with no flaking slipperiness, or tone suck
  • Long life, 3 to 5 times longer!
  • 36% louder
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Used by top manufacturers including Gibson Guitar

Your acoustic guitar will never be quite the same.