Guitar Wheel Music Theory Learning Quick Reference

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The Guitar Wheel is a all-in-one quick reference guide and study tool for music theory and for all musicians and for all instruments.

The Guitar Wheel is a visual two-sided music theory tool covering every musical key. The curved guitar neck design on the Guitar Side allows for easy visualization of theory on the guitar. Flip it over to the Piano Side for more in-depth music theory for piano, or any instrument, and even vocalists. It is an excellent study tool and a songwriting/composing tool for schools, colleges, and universities. Instructions include Spanish and German translations.

The Guitar Wheel has two sides which display music theory in a unique way. The Guitar Side helps guitarists visualize how music theory works, the way many guitarists are used to thinking about music—on their guitar fretboard! The Piano Side is a sizable music theory reference for any musician. Included on the Piano side are a piano staff and piano keyboard as supportive reference.

Studying music theory in any key is made possible by turning the key selector tab. Find quick answers to questions on the go or study it to better understand music theory. The more you look at the Guitar Wheel, the more “jumps out” at you and the mysteries of music theory will begin to unravel.

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