John Pearse Vintage Thumbpicks - 10 Pack.

John Pearse Vintage Thumbpicks - 10 Pack

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For years John carried his favorite thumbpick wherever he went. It was an old National, with so many miles on it that the logo had worn off completely and the celluloid was yellow and brittle. Everyone who ever tried it declared it was the best pick they ever used. It could take a tired old set of strings and make them sound young again. Since no one was making such a pick anymore, John decided to recreate it using an original cutting die from the 20s. The result is a Vintage Thumbpick. In every way, it is the recreation of a classic; hand formed to wrap around your thumb just right and, unlike modern thermo-plastic thumbpicks, it just won\'t loosen up from the heat of your hand. We are delighted to say that, with the refurbishing of the Studio Picks mentioned above, we also will finally have our wonderful VintageT Thumbpicks back in stock. At this point, we are hoping by the beginning of April, 2018. Thanks to everyone who has so patiently {and not so patiently] waited for them!