Korg Pitchblack Advanced Pedal Tuner Guitar & Bass

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The PitchBlack Advanced from Korg, the next generation model of one of the most successful pedal tuners in history !


1.  Cutting-edge design, with a superbly visible display
2.  Ultra high tuning accuracy (+/- 0.1 cent)
3.  Four display modes - regular, strobe, half-strobe, and the new "mirror mode" in which two LEDs move from left and right to coincide in the center as you tune.
4.  True Bypass for absolutely no effect on your tone!
5.  DC out allows parallel connection for powering other pedals.
6.  Completely eliminates noise caused by using a power supply - new advanced circuitry suppresses sudden changes in current.
7.  Adjustable Calibration to a variety of concert pitches. ( A= 440 Hz, 441 Hz, 442 Hz,  443 Hz, 444 Hz, 445 Hz,  436 Hz, 437 Hz, 438 Hz,  439 Hz)
8.  Achieves up to 60 hours of battery life

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