Straptight Strap Lock System Set of 4 Easy Install Black

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Straptight is the best, the simplest, the most ingenious and the most
elegant solution to the age old problem of your strap falling off your guitar.
It’s easy to use and never fails. I’m putting them on every guitar I own.

Joe Satriani

Simple the most
innovative, yet simple, strap locking system! I (Jack/Jax Music Supply) was
personally amazed at how easy and secure this strap locks are! Affordable too -
these guys know that musicians need to eat! No modification of your guitar
needed. No special strap - works with all straps!

How simple is this?
3 easy steps!

1 –
GRIP Straptight and place open end on strap post
2 – Give a
3 – PUSH in