Tuner Korg Clip-On Sledgehammer Pro Guitar & Bass Tuner Tunes Any Instrument

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Korg's Newest Clip-on tuner and an initial entry into Korg's "Custom Shop"*  lineup.  Very light weight with a high contrast display.  Fully chromatic so will tune almost any instrument! 

The Sledgehammer Pro’s unique 3D visual meter display, originally developed for the Pitchblack Pro, provides unparalleled brightness making it easier to take advantage of the Sledgehammer Pro’s precise tuning.  Featuring a high-impact tubular design, the Sledgehammer Pro features an innovative change in operation compared to previous clip-on tuners. Since a shuttle switch is provided on both sides, you can easily operate the tuner with one hand while playing a string with the other, just like you would when turning a tuning peg. By simply by turning the switch slightly up or down you can turn the power on/off, switch modes, and adjust the calibration smoothly with just one hand.   This is significantly easier than many clip on tuners where it is necessary to push buttons, sometimes two button simultaneously. 


  • Three Display Modes:  Regular, Strobe, and Half-Strobe.  The Strobe and Half-Strobe modes show off the extreme precision of the Sledgehammer Pro tuning - making it easier to tune to an extreme accuracy.
  • A clip that is strong, but flexible with its double mechanism of moving arm and ball joint.  Korg is providing durability and freedom of movement in a convenient package!
  • Calibration - allowing for a variety of concert tunings.
  • Auto-power off.  Just in case you forget to turn it off.  No sense in wasting battery power!
  • Memory backup - preserves your tuner settings even when the power is off.
  • Accurate to +/-  1/10th of a cent!  (0.1 cent)
  • Weighs only 28g with the battery!
  • Long battery life (~14 hours)!
  • Tuning range of A0 to C8.

*Korg's “Custom Shop” designates certain products as a flagship model that is representative of KORG’s highest levels of technology. Its design features a beautiful meter displayed by a CMD panel, ultra-precision detection, and careful attention paid to appearance and feel. KORG’s high technological ability and commitment to quality have taken shape as the “Custom Shop” name.

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